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These “production built” single-family homes make zero-energy/zero-emission housing available to hundreds of home buyers every year in the Denver Metro area. Optimizing the health of the buyers via enhanced indoor air-quality, comfort and no operational carbon footprint were the vision, which has been delivered in these homes. It is the next step in Thrive Home’s decades-long efforts to provide environmentally harmonious home building here in Colorado.

Gene Myers talks about his WHY

A few details from the project:

Indoor Air Quality in Thrive Homes
  • The more than 1’ thick walls with “staggered studs” to eliminate thermal-bridging combined with dense-packed insulation and extensive air-sealing and better than ENERGY STAR windows
  • Balanced ventilation for health and energy-efficiency
  • Cold climate air-source heat pumps for heating and cooling
  • Air-source heat pump water heaters
  • Solar PV to provide 100% of the power for these houses
  • Low-energy Electric fireplaces, with no combustion or air-leakage
  • Self-cleaning toilets

Ask your builder, architect, or team about these items. Or reach out to us here, if you have any questions about anything you saw here.

Products in this episode:

Keep in mind that no one item works alone to make buildings high-performance. It is a combination of items and ideas that can make your specific project work. Some items in this episode worth noting:

Thrive Homes Heat Pumps
  • Mitsubishi air-source heat pumps
  • Panasonic ventilation equipment
  • Rheem air-source heat pump water heaters
  • Owens Corning blown, dense-packed, wall insulation
  • Cascade Windows

(None of the products in this or any episode were given in exchange for consideration for appearing in this episode)