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This near Passive House-compliant public building has become the gem of the High Plains Library District by bringing together outstanding daylighting and comfort for occupants while delivering incredibly low utility bills for the taxpayers of the district. This story merged people who had both conservative and progressive view-points to work together to create a building that is an example being in ever greater harmony with Nature.

Details from this Project:

  • 20% to 40% more insulation than required by building Code
  • Air-tightness that is at least 60% better than required by Code
  • 17 KW solar PV array to provide more than 80% of the building’s electrical power

Ask your builder, architect, or team about these items. Or reach out to us here, if you have any questions about anything you saw here.

Notable Products in this episode:

Keep in mind that no one item works alone to make buildings high-performance. It is a combination of items and ideas that can make your specific project work. Some items in this episode worth noting:

  • Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS) are much of the roof’s structure AND insulation
  • Intello Pro Clima air-sealing adhesives
  • Lifebreath Energy recovery ventilators
  • Beetle-killed wood in the ceiling

(None of the products in this or any episode were given in exchange for consideration for appearing in this episode)