We are building a team of sponsors who believe in Heart of a Building’s [HoB] vision of inspiring more regenerative projects and high-performance buildings to be created by sharing the “why” stories of the inspired people behind today’s regenerative projects and high-performance buildings. Sponsors are critical to allow us to produce the twelve (12) 30-minute-long episodes airing on Rocky Mountain PBS [RMPBS] and other PBS affiliates every year. The twelve episodes are divided between two “seasons” of episodes, each season being comprised of 6 episodes.  Each 30-minute episode showcases a single inspiring project from Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

We have built a great relationship with PBS starting with our home affiliate Rocky Mountain PBS! They first aired our premiere episode (the hour-long documentary) in April 2021 just before This Old House during Earth Day Week. They re-ran our 1-hour long episode 3 times this summer/fall leading up to our latest three newest episodes showcasing L’Avenir in Ft. Collins (debuted on November 7th and re-ran on November 21st), Thrive Home Builders in Denver (which debuted on November 14th and re-ran on November 21st) and the Nantes Library in Gilcrest, CO (which debuted on November 14th). They’ve committed to re-running  all three of these episodes in March and April of 2022 leading-up to airing the next “season” of episodes. They and will be actively promoting these episodes through RMPBS’ streaming service called “Watch”, see it at Heart of a Building on RMPBS.

The viewership projections from Rocky Mountain PBS, which comes from Nielsen data in the Denver metro area, Pueblo, Steamboat and Grand Junction areas as well as estimates of viewership along the eastern planes of Colorado, southern Wyoming, eastern Utah, northern New Mexico and western Kansas and Nebraska range from 12,000 to 25,000 viewers who will be watching each time an episode airs. We also have expectations for thousands of viewers to see our episodes through RMPBS’ “Watch” streaming platform and as a result we expect to reach and inspire a minimum of 50,000 viewers to possibly more than 100,000 viewers with every episode!

To produce a single episode, we need revenue of $30,000. With the Colorado Office of Film, Television, and Media recently offering to grant us up to 15 to 20% of our production costs (which are the majority of our costs), we will now able to produce a single episode with only $26,000 of sponsorship support.

Heart of a Building is seeking the right companies to be Visionary sponsor and support the production of all 12 episodes in a calendar year. These $150,000 sponsors will receive the benefits of being associated with all 12 subsequent episodes with the viewership of 50,000 to 100,000 views per episode and more the 600,000 to possibly 1.2 million views from all 12 episodes!

  • We only have room for 4 Visionary Sponsors per episode in order to accommodate the inclusion of a 15-second promotional video for that sponsor prior to the episode airing. We also have Foundational and Team sponsorship levels.
  •  If you/your company are interviewed for an episode or are associated with a project showcased in an episode by the judgment of Heart of a Building’s Executive Producer, you will be invited to review storyboards, interview questions, final audio and video for feedback prior to submission to Rocky Mountain PBS to air.
  • NOTE: PBS rules about Sponsors being Interviewed– if you are interviewed for an episode please note that your 15 second video at the beginning of episodes and logo in the credits will NOT be able to be shown in the same episode where you are interviewed and included in the episode. This a PBS rule to reduce the perception of a conflict of interest within our episodes.

In order to keep the momentum going we need to have the recorded, edited, and submitted 6 additional episodes to Rocky Mtn PBS by March 18th, 2022 and we need to be in production by early-February!  Join us today and become a sponsor to ensure we hit our goal of our 1st season’s worth of 6 episodes in 2022 followed by our 2nd season worth of episodes for 2022  shortly thereafter!!!

Below are the Sponsorship Levels. In the sidebar are the Benefit Details. Let’s discuss your sponsorship levels and social media marketing and see how Heart of a Building can be of assistance.

Paul Kriescher, Executive Producer/Host
Heart of a Building, llc
303.525.1158 | PaulK@heartofabuilding.com


Produced by the Sponsor and approved by RMPBS and HoB. Video clip to air before each HoB episode.

Your company name/logo shown in the episode credits. 

HoB will produce a video showcasing the sustainability features of your products and/or services, including briefly interviewing a representative of your company. This is intended for you to use in social media promotions and benefitting from the 3rd-party credibility of Heart of a Building and Paul Kriescher recommending your products and services. This will be recorded while we are on-site conducting interviews for a future episode, ideally, which includes your products and/or services. — Available to all Sponsorship Levels for $4,500.

During the recording of interviews and/or the 3 to 5-minute promotional video, HoB will takeover your social media to showcase how you are participating with Heart of a Building and receive 3rd party recognition for the sustainability of your products/services. 

Your company logo or 15-second video spot on HoB social media posts on a rotating basis. 

Image of a key individual from your company or logo on the HoB’s Homepage Sponsor Carousel and Story Sponsors webpage and we’ll link to your website.


Paul Kriescher, Executive Producer/Host
303.525.1158 | PaulK@heartofabuilding.com

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