My Net Zero Home Got Me Through a Wisconsin Winter

My Net Zero Home Got Me Through a Wisconsin Winter — Here’s What I Learned By Amber Westerman Is it really possible to get through a Wisconsin winter on solar electricity alone? We had a 10-day cold snap last February and it got down to minus 17 degrees F. My air-source heat pump (mini-split) was working hard — and consuming lots of power.  When I set out to build a net-zero house (and afford it), I knew my design had to…

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10 Easy Things You Can Do To Increase Your Home’s Energy-Efficiency

While we like to make a big deal out of building projects on the leading edge of environmentally sound techniques, we also want to make a big deal about the little things. It is those little things that can end up making a big difference. We’ve compiled a list of 10 Easy Things You Can Do to Increase Your Home’s Energy-Efficiency you can take to make your home more environmentally sound

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Thrive Vitality Homes, Denver, Colorado | Each Vitality home features luxurious architecture combined with Thrive’s trademark Zero Energy construction, LEED certification, and a focus on cleaner indoor air. Vitality Thrive Homes are production built, single-family homes, which deliver zero-energy and zero-emission housing available to hundreds of home buyers every year in the Denver Metro area. Thrive’s decades-long vision was to optimize the health of the buyer. They did this by enhancing indoor air quality, comfort, and eliminating the home’s carbon…

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L’Avenir Episode Guide

This episode will air on RMPBS on Sunday, November 21 at 10:00 AM (MST) and be available for streaming after that time. Check your local listings for channel or watch here. Nantes Library Episode Guide | Thrive Episode Guide This zero-energy/zero-emission 4-plex of rowhomes nestled next to Old Town Ft. Collins embodies a lifetime of design work and learning from the wife and husband team Laurie and Bob Davis at Davis/Davis Architects to deliver homes with an exceptionally light footprint…

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The Con Frank / Wes Geary Residential Project, Aurora, Colorado | This residential home was built by Con Frank and during construction became highly appreciated by Wes Geary, who eventually became the inspired buyer. Con Frank is an inventive, self-taught designer and builder who needed to “prove it could be done.” Homeowner Wes Geary decided to invest in a new house out of a conviction that “some things are more important than money.” A shared belief in sustainability was the “why”…

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