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This zero-energy/zero-emission 4-plex of rowhomes nestled next to Old Town Ft. Collins embodies a lifetime of design work and learning from the wife and husband team Laurie and Bob Davis at Davis/Davis Architects to deliver homes with an exceptionally light footprint on the Earth.

A few details from the project:

Ground Source Heat Pumps
Hear from occupants and architects Bob & Laurie Davis
  • Nearly 1’ thick walls with extensive air-sealing, filled wall cavities and exterior insulation
  • Ground-source heat pump for heating and cooling with radiant delivery on the ground-level paired with forced-air on the 2nd and 3rd floors
  • Solar PV which has proven after more than 1 year of occupancy to provide 100% of the power needed for the 4 units,
  • Back-up battery in Laurie and Bob’s unit to provide several days’ worth of energy if the power goes out AND to be used if there is large energy draw (i.e clothes dryer) during “peak pricing” from the electric utility
  • Passive solar design and thermal mass features for energy-savings and comfort
  • Daylighting that minimizes/eliminates the need for electric lighting during the daytime
  • and EV charging (for e-bikes and a community shared electric Nissan Leaf)
  • LEED Platinum certified
Solar Panels!

Ask your builder, architect, or team about these items. Or reach out to us here, if you have any questions about anything you saw here.

Products in this episode

Keep in mind that no one item works alone to make buildings high-performance. It is a combination of items and ideas that can make your specific project work. Some items in this episode worth noting:

  • Rockwool insulation for the exterior insulation
  • Marvin windows
  • LG solar panels and back-up battery in Laurie and Bob’s unit
  • GeoComfort ground source heat pump equipment

(None of the products in this or any episode were given in exchange for consideration for appearing in this episode)