Heart of a Building is about creating a better future. We make videos that tell the stories of innovators who are designing, financing, constructing, and occupying the buildings of tomorrow, today. Our stories showcase the state-of-the-art technical expertise behind energy-efficient buildings that are out-performing existing codes. We explore the heart-centered reasons — the “why” — behind each project. Our videos feature buildings that are transforming the places we inhabit into spaces that can exist in harmony with nature.

Increasing energy efficiency and building performance is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and unsustainable use of resources. The building sector in the US emits over one-third of our greenhouse gas emissions and uses more than 40% of our energy and 70% of our electricity.[1]Building experts already have the expertise to construct and power buildings using renewable energy sources while improving indoor air quality and comfort. Our technical videos and CEU program showcase these strategies and are intended to help architects, builders, designers, and future construction professionals integrate regenerative practices into their building projects.

Please watch our trailer and our debut video, and get ready to be inspired!

Heart of a Building seeks to promote living, working, and playing in spaces that are cleaner, healthier, and better — for the environment and for our families. We are all in this together. Join us in the heart-centered work of choosing innovation to help make the world a better place for our children, grandchildren, and many generations to come.
[1] Alliance to Save Energy.

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