If you haven’t seen Heart of a Building episodes, you might not have a great idea about our work or why we work hard to bring you the projects we do. We allow people to share their “why” and their heart-centered reasons for taking such care of their homes, offices, and buildings by telling these stories. And we hope that those watching are moved to learn how to make these changes.

Most of all, we want to recognize the challenging work and dedication of those people who are designing, financing, constructing, and implementing these positive environmental tactics into their buildings.


First, we look for projects that include a remarkable story. As you’ll see from our existing episodes, we want to talk to those who have a reason beyond ‘just because’ for going beyond building code. And we are so lucky to have so many more stories to share. Then, we collaborate with the owners and building managers to record the details of the project. We interview contractors, builders, architects, and tradespeople about the details of each project.

This is turned into a 30-minute-long documentary video episode that airs/streams via Rocky Mtn PBS (Heart of a Building on PBS). We also just learned that NETA (National Educational Telecommunications Association) has approved us for national distribution of our episodes to more than 330 PBS affiliate stations beginning in February 2022!

And by doing this and sharing these stories, we wish to make these resources and methods more accessible for anyone looking for environmentally friendly building options. We believe that making smarter choices about buildings can be the key to curbing climate change and can align your actual structure with the natural world around it.


Simply put, we do this because no one else is. While we think the technical aspect is fascinating, the heart-centered reasons — the “why” — are the focus behind each project we showcase. We all have our reasons; saving money, reducing our impact on the planet, greater comfort, building a “better mouse-trap,” better indoor air quality, etc. – and by featuring the ‘why’ we hope we can connect with our audience and show them that choosing to build sustainably is within their reach.

Also, by telling these stories, we hope to inspire viewers to take on projects like these in their own homes and buildings. We hope that if others see these episodes, they will recognize that even a slight change in their own home could significantly impact the world around them.


For starters, if you haven’t already, you should head over to Rocky Mountain PBS and watch our first four episodes. And please let us know what you think. Use our CONTACT US page to ask a question, send a note or let us know if you have episode ideas.

We have many great ways you can get involved and “join our movement.” First, we ask you to watch our episodes and share links with colleagues, friends and family. Additionally, we offer a range of sponsorships for companies and vendors working on a particular project. This is a beautiful way to signal to your clients that you care about sustainable building.

You can also contribute individually via our Go Fund Me campaign. 

We will continue to promote living, working, and playing in cleaner, healthier, and better spaces for the environment and our families. We are all in this together! Join us in the heart-centered work of choosing innovation to help make the world a better place for our children, grandchildren, and many generations to come.