Heart of a Building is not involved in this event, but we highly recommend attending to learn more Laura and her projects

We Can’t Change the World Outside Us Without Changing the World Within Us

April 28, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (est) via Zoom

In this online talk, Laura Nettleton will discuss the insights she’s gained from 35 years in in sustainability practice as well as the changes that cultures need to make in order to thrive. She will provide her thoughts about guidelines for that change, and she will ask the audience for their ideas as well.

COVID 19 has had shattering consequences to us as a society but is not without its gifts. We saw in the early months of the pandemic how poised the earth is to recover, mountains emerged from smoggy air and animals returned to habitats. As we careen perilously close to disaster and governments fail us, how can we feel hope?

But we are far from powerless. Awareness and education about the issues are the route out of the crisis and individuals have far greater power than we realize.

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