We are proud to announce Rocky Mtn PBS has approved us to air 3 more Heart of a Building’s episodes in October and November!! And, these episodes include showcasing projects from L’Avenir, net-zero energy townhomes, in Ft. Collins, one project in Denver Thrive’s Vitality Collection, and one in Gilcrest, Colorado (Weld County)  Nantes Library  We are looking forward to sharing your powerful “why” story as well as great details on the ”what” you did to bring these projects into reality. 

The three new projects will include

  • L’Avenir in Fort Collins, Colorado, a NetZero Luxury townhome-style condos fully powered by the sun’s energy and geothermal wells (heating + cooling). Impeccably Designed + Conceptualized by Davis Davis Architects
  • Homes from Thrive Home Builders “Vitality Collection” in Central Park. These homes bring together Thrive’s highest level of health and energy construction techniques. Each Vitality home features luxurious architecture combined with Thrive’s trademark Zero Energy construction, LEED certification, and a focus on cleaner indoor air. 
  • Nantes Library in Gilcrest, Colorado. This near Passive House compliant public building, with solar PV meeting a significant portion of the building’s electricity needs, brings together outstanding comfort for occupants while delivering incredibly low utility bills for the district. The story behind the “why” and “how” this building came into being is a wonderful one that we look forward to sharing. 


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