Get creative when it comes to wrapping paper. Yes, it’s so festive, but it is also wasteful, especially when you consider that premium gift wrap – which often includes plastic, dyes, and foils –  might not be able to be recycled. If you’re a giver, look for wrapping paper that is recycled (or post-consumer) or reuse where you can, such as giving the gift in a reusable bag. Use the newspaper and decorate your own gift with markers or crayons. If you’re on the receiving end, take a second before you tear into that gorgeous wrapping paper. Chances are, you can use that paper again! It’s a small thing but could make a difference.

We all love the holiday lights, and this is a place where you can make a few changes to be kind to the planet. When shopping for new tree lights, buy LED lights. They are more efficient, and they last longer. BONUS: no more throwing out an entire strand because one bulb has shorted out. Also, if they are on a real tree there is no risk of sparking a fire because they are not hot, unlike old Christmas lights.

And if you’re outfitting your home with festive lights, LEDs can work here, too. You should also look for a timer. A quick light timer with a photocell installation can help you converse energy and save dollars, too. Trust us, very few people are looking at your lighting display after midnight.


For many, the Christmas holiday is incomplete without a tree. Artificial trees offer a solution because you can reuse them year after year. And you don’t have to give up your tree but look for some more eco-friendly options. This article provides many options for artificial trees.

If you crave a real tree, explore some options before buying from a retailer. Many local authorities will issue a limited number of permits allowing you to cut down your own tree. This means there is a negligible risk of losing too many trees, and in most cases, this will lessen fire risk in your area, too.

Buy Experiences, Not Stuff

Many of us get caught up in giving great gifts. And sometimes that means more stuff under the tree, and in a few years, that could mean more stuff headed for a landfill. Pick a camping trip instead of the latest plastic gadget, the earth, and the recipient will thank you!

There are many more resources to help you shape your holiday celebrating around earth-friendly ideas. A simple Google search yields many more great ideas. Check out these articles, too:

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