Heart of the Building just wrapped up our next three episodes. When you sit down to watch, we ask that you make sure the volume UP! The background music was written and produced by local musician Rich Moore.

Back in the day – which was about, let’s say, starting 25 years ago, Rich worked with Heart of a Building founder Paul Kriescher. “Building science wasn’t my first passion, but I did enjoy the logic and creative problem-solving it required.” notes Moore, “Creating music for Paul and Heart of a Building ended up being a perfect combination for me.”

After their career paths diverged, Paul heard Rich’s music and reached out to him. “We wanted music that was heart-centered and with a genuine connection to the artist, and Rich’s music is a perfect fit,” says Paul. “We are thrilled with the result.”

After leaving the energy-efficiency industry, Moore came back to his first love, music. He started playing and traveling with his wife, singer Mollie O’Brien while also performing with other artists. During the pandemic, he kept busy doing some recording and producing for local-area artists.

Rich’s musical career is packed with folk, jazz, rock, and plenty of local shows around Colorado. Together with his Grammy-Award-winning partner, Mollie, their vibe is laid-back, and their performances are timeless, original, and inventive. You may also remember Moore for his storied funniest onstage running commentary.

“Music is my passion; I’ve been playing music all my life.” When asked about the music for Heart of a Building, Moore says, “This has been a delight for me. I’m happy to be contributing to this amazing project.”

Please make sure you pay attention as you watch our next three episodes airing and streaming on RMPBS (Channel 6) in early November to hear Rich’s music. And, if you would like to hear more, you can out find out what Rich (and probably Mollie) are up to by checking out their website.