Heart of a Building Video to Premiere First in Documentary Series on Rocky Mountain PBS for Earth Day 2021

Noted building science consultant Paul Kriescher showcases the heart-connected reasons why three Front Range projects chose to optimize their sustainability.

DENVER, PRNewswire NEWS | Mar 10, 2021, 14:31 ET| Heart of a Building, a video documentary series focusing on the why of environmentally harmonious building projects—is set to debut with an hour-long episode on Rocky Mountain PBS on April 24, 2021 at 3:30 pm (with a replay on April 25 at 10 am). The film’s executive producer and host is the noted Colorado building science consultant Paul Kriescher. “RMPBS is excited to partner with a quality sustainability-driven series like Heart of a Building to help bring these personal stories behind an energy-efficient building to our viewers,” notes RMPBS Programming Manager Brad Haug. Kriescher’s vision for the film is to serve as a tool to help others understand the importance of building not just to code—but far beyond. It demonstrates the benefits, strategies, materials, and practices that reduce a building’s ecological footprint and have a heartfelt, regenerative effect on the owners and occupants. “I have long believed that one of the most effective pathways for people to learn and care for our connection with the greater environment was by helping people learn and understand the impact our homes and buildings have on the greater environment,” says Kriescher. With buildings accounting for ~40% of all energy use in the U.S. (as of early 2020), the significant amounts of water consumed in buildings, and the resources needed to build and maintain our structures, there is a need to create buildings that not only last for generations but also use fewer and fewer resources to do so. We can now power buildings without consuming fossil fuels while still providing great indoor air quality and superior comfort. And we can do this while coming into greater harmony with nature and the hearts and souls of those who visit and occupy these exemplary buildings. The stories shared in this documentary series focus on people who acted on their dreams and incorporated innovation as they sought to leave the world better than they found it for future generations.

Paul & Michalina’s Fantastic Grand Canyon Trip

NOVEMBER 2020 | Paul Kriescher, and his wife Michalina, recently finished a 2-week road-trip to/from the Grand Canyon via a camper van, rented through Escape Camper Vans, where they used the calculations in these Carbon Offset Slides to determine that they will buy 70+ trees through the Arbor Day Foundation to offset the carbon emissions from their fantastic trip! Check this out for you future road trips, or simply for your daily commuting.

Heart of a Building Supports Habitat for Humanity

Heart of a Building is proud to support the mission of Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley. Habitat for Humanity makes homeownership possible for families in low-income neighborhoods throughout the world through no-interest mortgages (with monthly payments of no more than 30% of gross monthly income), sweat-equity from the family, and volunteer labor. Heart of a Building produced a video story about the ways that HFH St. Vrain is prioritizing energy efficiency in their building projects. Moving closer to net-zero energy in Habitat-built homes makes them even more affordable for families owning a home for the first time. You can watch the video on Habitat for Humanity St. Vrain’s website at  https://www.stvrainhabitat.org/homes  or https://www.stvrainhabitat.org/news-and-events. Heart of a Building Executive Producer, Paul Kriescher, has been involved with Habitat for Humanity for nearly 30 years. If you share Paul’s heart-connection too, please support HFH St. Vrain by purchasing building materials for your next project via their Habitat ReStore website or by making a donation directly to support their next energy-efficient building project.

Heart Of A Building Launches First Feature Documentary!

OCTOBER 1st, 2020 | Heart Of A Building premiered its first video documentary in a well attended virtual launch party hosted by Executive Producer, Paul Kriescher. The 60-minute documentary shares the stories of builders, designers, architects, engineers, and consumers in Denver, Colorado. These visionaries went to extra lengths to design, finance, and construct sustainable, environmentally sound commercial and residential buildings. The event asked viewers to think about an important question — “What is YOUR why?” The launch event included a panel of presenters who were involved in the featured building projects. Panelists discussed their heart-centered reasons for adopting energy-efficient building practices and participated in a Q & A session about technical components of the building projects. Participating in the panel along with Paul Kriescher were Brian Dunbar (Executive Director, Institute for the Built Environment and Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University), Cody and Lisa Farmer (Mainstream Corporation), Gary Kinzie (Developer/Builder), Con Frank (Designer/Builder), John Bringenberg (Petros Pace Finance), and Milt Hetrick (Retired Engineer).
The premiere video featured stories of three innovative building projects. The First Universalist Church of Denver put their “why” into action by honoring one of the central tenets of their faith with a large-scale renovation of their existing building. Panelists John Bringenberg and Milt Hetrick are members of First Universalist who made sure the new building included solar and geothermal heat pump systems. The Greenspire Apartments provides affordable housing that was built with the heart-centered “why” of leaving the world a better place for future generations. Panelists Gary Kinzie and Cody and Lisa Farmer worked to put the 44-unit apartment building project on the path toward Passive House Certification. The Con Frank / Wes Geary project is a residential home built by panelist Con Frank.  Homeowner Wes Geary’s “why” was a belief that “some things are more important than money.”  The featured documentary and technical videos about components of the building process are available on the Heart of a Building website and on YouTube. And don’t forget to share the documentary with colleagues and others in your community who are interested in constructing sustainable, environmentally sound buildings. Heart of a Building will offer future webinars, workshops, CEU training sessions, and other events about the technical work involved in regenerative building construction. Interested in being notified about future events? Or would you like to propose a project for a future Heart of a Building video story? Contact Paul at PaulK@heartofabuilding.com.

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